" Unique Décor Consignment Boutique "


We make it simple!

Consigning your furniture and home décor with Hello Again is easier than you ever thought possible and is the best way to sell your unwanted items hassle free! We offer a safe alternative to the dangers of on-line selling.

So, whether you are you remodeling, inheriting furniture, scaling down, or just making changes to better suit your lifestyle, Hello Again is just the place to help you sell your furniture and more. Why bother placing ads, staging yard sales, or having strangers calling and coming to your home when Hello Again is dedicated to help you sell your furniture and more at a price that is reasonable to both you and the buyer?

Have questions? Use the links below to find answers and information:

Items we gladly accept at Hello Again:

  • Modern to vintage and antique furniture and home decor accents including decorative accessories, art, lighting, rugs and mirrors.
  • Items must be quality items with a timeless sense of style and fabric if applicable.
  • When bringing items in they must be clean, good to mint condition and upholstrey must be clean, no stains, odors, noticeable wear, fading, etc.


Items we cannot accept at Hello Again:

  • Furniture that is stained, scratched, torn, broken springs or noticeable wear.
  • Items with missing or broken hardware, or broken/chipped décor/furniture.
  • Items in need of repair, cleaning, refinishing or re-upholsterey.
  • Entertainment Centers, large office furniture, toys, books, magazines, appliances, electronics, glassware, stemware, framed art that is faded or that is framed with dated matting.


We at Hello Again know our customer market and what will and will not sell in the Wichita Falls area. We reserve the right to refuse any merchandise we do not think we would be able to assist you in selling. We appreciate you thinking of Hello Again first for your consignment needs!

Step 1 – The Evaluation Process:

Send us or bring us a picture of your furniture piece(s): We cannot accept furniture consignments without photos. You can bring in your photos on any media to the store or email them to info@helloagainwf.com.

Occasionally we will make personal visits to evaluate consignments. Please call or e-mail us to arrange for a personal visit.

Provide details: If possible, please provide the original purchase price of your items(s), age, dimensions or other information that may be helpful. Often our customers ask if we know the history of an item and the more you can tell us about your piece the better it will help us tell its unique story.

Acceptance: We will notify you if your item(s) can be accepted on consignment and schedule an appointment for drop off or pick-up. Please understand that our showroom floor changes daily and we have a limited storage space for items that cannot fit onto the floor immediately. The consignment period for any item(s) that we put into our storage facility does not begin until displayed on our showroom floor.

Drop-Offs: We accept drop-offs for home accessories and décor at any time. Pictures are not required for these items. Your items will be tagged for inventory as soon as possible and we will notify you if there are any items that we cannot consign. Please review the description of items we can accept.


Step 2 – Pricing and Terms:

Our pricing formula takes into consideration the condition, style, finish, color, original sale price and in some cases, the current retail price. Any information you can provide will be taken into consideration when the item is priced. We are familiar with the current resale market and final pricing is at our discretion. Remember, our goal is to sell your items!

The consignment term is 120 days. Please note that any items unsold after 120 days need to be picked up within 1 week after the consignment term ends. It is the consignor’s responsibility to monitor the consignment term.

Consignors receive 50% of the sale price.


Step 3 – Getting your items to our store:

You may deliver your items to our store or contact us for pick-up for your larger items. Our pick-up service is free.


Step 4 – We take it from there!

We will display your furniture to make it as desirable as possible. After all, it is in our interest to sell your merchandise for as much as possible!

We list most of our furniture on our internet e-store and we have a strong presence on Facebook. For highly desirable items we may use nation-wide on-line selling platforms such as E-bay or Etsy.


Step 5 – Payout:

Upon sale of your item, we write you a check! Checks are available for pickup on the 10th of the month following the sale of your item(s). For example, if your items sells in January, payment is available after February 10th.

Due to the number of individual consignors we have, we do not make notifications when items sell but you may always come into the store or call us to check on the status of your account.

Are my items tracked and maintained in a system or just through a receipt book, if I bring items in on consignment?

At Hello Again we pride ourselves in having a state of the art Consignment Software Program and Point of Sale, called Liberty4 Consignment. It is very sophisticated and accurately tracks all items each consignor brings in, along with storing photos and history of transactions both consignment and purchases of each customer.

What is the consignment split?

Per our current consignor contract, we give the consignor 50% of the final sales price.

What are the terms of the consignment, in way of days my things will remain in your store?

The term of this contract is 120 days, which is an industry standard in the resale of consigned goods. At the discretion of Hello Again we may agree to extend the consignment on select items for 30 additional days at terms mutually agreed upon by Hello Again and the consignor. The consignment contract begins on the day the merchandise is entered into our inventory system and placed on our showroom floor.

Are my items clearance out or put on sale?

We have an automatic markdown system that will automatically markdown consigned items to 15% off the original price on day 41 and then 25% off original price on day 81. Hello Again reserves the right to discount items for purpose of sales and special events.

How do you determine the pricing of my items?

Hello Again prices all of the items to ensure the best possible price for the merchandise. Hello Again has the sole right to establish the merchandise pricing. While determining price Hello Again will take into consideration original valuation, current market price, condition, and age of a piece. If Hello Again deems necessary, select consigned items may have a small handling, storage, or cleaning fee.

Are my items insured by Hello Again while in the shop on consignment?

Though all reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of articles consigned with Hello Again, Hello Again will not be liable for loss or damage to merchandise consigned by any reason including but not limited to, theft, fire, water damage or natural disaster. It is the consignor’s responsibility to maintain Renters or Homeowners insurance so your items will be covered due to any of the above mentioned problems should they arise.

As a consignor, when am I paid for items sold?

Payment for each month’s sales will be available to Consignor on the 10th of the month following the sale date of merchandise. As an example, if an item sells on June 15th, the consignor has funds available to cash out on July 10th. However, once items sell you immediately have in-store credit available to spend any time. Consignors are responsible for picking up their checks any time on or after the 10th of the month.

What if I decide I want to pickup an item early, prior to the 120 day expiration, that I consigned?

Our consignment agreement is a contract. Therefore, if the contract is broken by the consignor and items are picked up early for any reason, there is a 10% restocking fee that is determined off the original sales price. We spend our time and utilize our space to display your items in order to get the best price we can for you, therefore we hope you give us the full time per the agreement to ensure we can sell your items.